Hi, my name is Tèmítáyò 👋🏽

I'm a writer. I'm an editor. I'm a scholar. I'm a writing coach.

Working with words is my superpower

Need help making your words work?

Let me help use words to change your world work business

Tè-mí-tá-yò, a Yoruba name, means ‘I deserve joy’.

It is a prayer for me, for you.

All my life I have worked with words. It is all I know how to do, my gift with the world.

A gift I have shared with individuals and organisations either as a writer, editor or scholar.

I’ll like to joyfully share this gift with you.

What I do




Communications Strategy

Story Coaching

Teaching The Above

What clients are saying

I can help you make your words work effectively


I ghostwrite for individuals and brands. I also develop writing projects on various subjects. Being a writer-editor, I’ve been on both sides of the publishing divide, so I treat your work with the kindness it deserves. Here, to meet your writing needs.


Your first draft is done. Awesome. Now, you need an editor to help you finetune those words to say exactly what you want them to. Here to meet all your editing needs.

Writing Coach

Got an awesome book idea but confused how to start? Need an accountability partner to hit your writing goals? Through my coaching sessions, you will complete your writing project in record time.

Communications Strategy

Unsure of the best communications tools to achieve your brand objective? Let’s craft and execute the right communications strategy that will engage the right audience and transform your brand.

Fancy a book on writing winning essays?

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